Heritage and Archaeology are two important topics that can have an impact on any development proposals and are often seen as a constraint.

Drawing from our long experience of supplying Heritage and Archaeological services in the South Wales area to institutional, commercial and private developers and working with Local Authorities, the Welsh Archaeological Trusts and Cadw, we can provide you with a service and solution tailored to your project.

Cardiff Archaeological Consultants can help you integrate the Heritage and Archaeological risk in your project from its pre-planning application stage to the construction phase.

Drawing on our proven experience and professional approach, we can ensure that clients’ interests are dealt with effectively and a balance between the sometimes conflicting demands of profitable development and conservation is achieved. Our input from the site acquisition or project scoping stage can ensure that unexpected delays and extra costs are avoided.

At pre-planning stage, our in-depth knowledge of the local Heritage and Archaeological resource will allow us to provide you with a general initial assessment of the potential impact of your project on the known Heritage and Archaeological resource.

If more detailed information is required to evaluate the archaeological risk or to supplement a Planning Application, we can undertake a Heritage and Archaeological Desk-Based Assessment, an Archaeological Impact Assessment and Archaeological Field Evaluation as required.

A Mitigation Strategy and Written Scheme of Heritage Mitigation can also be prepared, in consultation with the local Archaeological Trusts (advisors to the Local Authorities), Local Authority Conservation Officers and Cadw in order to meet the requirement of Planning Policies Wales, Local Development Plans and Cadw and to ensure granting of the planning permission.